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Kiev is an actively developing metropolitan city. The commercial real estate, located on the first floors of new buildings enjoys constant demand. The new CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate in Goloseevskiy district of the capital symbolizes a new concept of life for Ukraine, and we share this value with all owners of the commercial real estate in the building.
Room № Number of floors Total area
2 1 71,82
3 2 133,79
4 2 179,24
5 2 576,5
6 1 144,86
7 1 118,79
8 3 515,5
9 1 1286,54
10 1 1286,54

Advantageous offer from the developer

The total floor space of the commercial real estate of the CHICAGO Central House exceeds 4000 sq.m.

Acquisition of such real estate significantly reduces operating costs and is considered to be the best way to capitalize funds. In the context of stable economic growth, the demand for the real estate of high quality in the city center exceeds supply, which forms a constant increase in its value.

Non-residential real estate in the CHICAGO Central House guarantees business high status and recognition.

Acquisition of the commercial real estate in the central part of the capital provides any business with a constant flow of consumers and its dynamic development.

The central part of the city, including its historical value, is less prone to constructive changes, which limits the appearance of new quality facilities and ensures a constant demand.

Advantages of the commercial real estate in the CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate

The commercial real estate in the CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate means:

  • • Advantageous location. The building of the estate is located in the Antonovicha street with excellent transport accessibility. At arm"s reach there are underground stations and stops of ground public transport. The commercial premises are arranged in such a way that not only the residents of the estate, but also the visitors of the central part of the city, may come here.
  • • Construction of high quality. The building of the complex is built according to the latest technologies with observance of all regulations; therefore, all commercial premises have good sound insulation, which is important for the owners of entertainment establishments.
  • • Wide choice. The complex offers a variety of layout options. As the premises take into account the specificity of the future establishment, you can open here:

- An office. For the premises used for this purpose there are two floors with a total floor space of 2442 sq.m.

- A boutique. The shopping space is represented by six rooms provided with large show-windows with a total floor space of 740 sq.m.

- A restaurant. The estate has two specialized facilities with the possibility of creating a summer terrace, with a total floor space of more than 1000 sq.m. Or implement any other business idea of the buyer.

How to buy the non-residential premises in the CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate

You can obtain all information about the real estate in the sales department. Leave your phone number on the website and the managers will call you back at the earliest possible time.

The CHICAGO Central House provides for the best possible number of commercial real estate, where local residents can find goods and services directly in the estate. This is a perfect environment not only for comfortable living, but also for successful business.


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