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Open Plan Layouts of Apartments
in CHICAGO Central House
Residential Estate

Purchasing an apartment in a building under construction, each prospective owner dreams of transforming it into an apartment of his/her dream – a special one reflecting preferences of all members of the family, taking into consideration the most recent trends. This transformation begins with the re-layout requiring demolition of the current partitions and construction of new ones. A distinguishing feature of the CHICAGO Central House Residential Complex is an open plan layout of apartments, that allows to improve the living space suiting any taste and provides with spacious area for making your fantasies come true.

Peculiarities of Open Plan Layout Apartments

An open plan layout apartment is the only space with ready-to-use service lines for future kitchen and sanitary conveniences. There are no partitions and walls in such apartments, that is why a new owner may create an apartment of his/her dream as he/she see fit. Such a layout is possible only in a building of a cast-in-place concrete frame type, where only outside walls are the bearing walls, as is the case with the building of the CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate. Inner partitions may be built and demolished suiting one’s taste, and it will not have any effect on the building sustainability.

Advantages of Open Plan Layout Apartment in CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate

Apartment in the CHICAGO Central House is a perfect space for bringing any design conceptions into life. This is largely due to high demand for such apartments – customers appreciate them for the possibility allowing customers to make the dwelling cosy and take into account requirements of all members of the family.

Open plan layout apartments in the CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate are not just standard one-room or two-room apartments for which one shall adjust and purchase a certain type of furniture. Freedom of decisions is the main advantage. Moreover, designers and people having a sense of creativity adore such dwelling.

Possibilities are indeed tremendous. One can combine a kitchen with a sitting room, make spacious children room, fit out a study or guest rooms, and finally combine a bathroom with a water closet. It is you who decides how you apartment will look like, using its floor space reasonably and functionally. In addition, large panoramic windows make the space light and amiable and thus create a wow-effect.

Designing apartment layout is one of the most important and fascinating period in life of any family. This is the time when plans are made and dreams come true. Make them real with the CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate.


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