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Have you already purchased a commercial property in CHICAGO Central House or is just considering it as a location for your business? Then welcome to our commercial real estate department! There is a new service for owners and tenants of non-residential premises in our house — SAGA Rent.

What is its main advantage? It is to help the owners and tenants of premises find each other, to cooperate with the maximum benefit for them and for all citizens who use this territory. To do this, we have a comprehensive approach to working with clients:

  • • вfor owners of commercial real estate we provide a service for renting premises,
  • • for tenants who are looking for a location for an office, shop or restaurant, we select a commercial property without commission that matches the client's request, the goals and characteristics of the company.

The new SAGA Rent service is a 360 ° service. We are interested in the fact that companies that rent premises in our house are in high demand among residents, as well as receive a stable income from their activities.

You can find out the details of the new SAGA Rent service from our specialist in the commercial real estate department.

Call (044) 298 63 03 and make an appointment.

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