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Penthouse interior

Even at the first acquaintance with the penthouse in CHICAGO Central House, you will have a complete visualization of its interior. Design, furniture, decorative elements and a palette of colors - every detail is thought out. You just need to decide what style you want - functionalism, elegant classicism or classic in a modern sense? We offer one of three design projects from DSB.

For the interior design, we chose a 135 m² penthouse and a little bit changed its layout. On the first floor, they thought over the placement of the living room and kitchen, on the second two bedrooms were equipped. Due to the fact that at the first level, the designers removed the interior partition when entering the apartment, the first thing you think about is space. There is a lot of it here.

Interior # 1: Functionalism

For the basis of this interior, the designers took a style that knows no compromises in terms of practicality and serves its residents faithfully. This is functionalism. Using it in its purest form is a utopia, because beauty cannot be secondary. And why such modesty in the interior, if it is possible to combine practicality and aesthetics? The design of the penthouse was created for those who appreciate these features.

Interior # 2: Classic in a modern sense

An interior for lovers of classics in its modern interpretation. Among the design features: light walls with restrained decor, English herringbone parquet, which adds a classic feature to the rooms, and furniture with thin stands, which refreshes the design of the apartment. Multilevel chandeliers add luxury to the rooms. They are inherent in the interiors of palaces, but even today they are actively used by modern designers.

Interior # 3: Design that features symmetry and calm decor

"Classicism that we have tamed" - this is how designers characterize this interior. Compared to the previous version, there is less luxury, but more symmetrical elegance, simple geometric shapes, calm decor and warm colors. Thanks to this combination, the interior feels the greatness of style and at the same time the atmosphere of home comfort. But the main thing that you immediately understand when you get acquainted with the design project is that it was made with love.

About DSB company

The interior of the penthouses was designed by DSB. It operates all over the world and provides a full range of design and renovation services. Why did we involve her specialists in the development of interiors? The quality of the company's projects and the level of confidence in them will be better described by the numbers: 20,000 square meters of renovated, more than 500 satisfied customers, about 250 developed interior projects and 75 completed design projects, 100% of objects delivered on time. DSB also provides a lifetime warranty for the work performed.

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