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Underground Parking in
CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate

Parking has long been an important part of the infrastructure of modern residential neighbourhoods. And those being in search of new dwelling in most cases pay attention to newly-built apartment blocks with the underground parking - such as, at the CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate.

Advantages of Underground Parking

Each driver knows what it is like to dig a car out from under the snow in winter or what it is like trying to reach your car, left on the street, in rainy autumn, and to make things worse, far away from home. The perfect solution to such problems is the underground heated parking located right under the building.

Leaving your car under the roof and in warmth will make the car to serve its owner much longer. In the winter, such car will warm up faster, spending less fuel. In this case, the owner will not freeze in a cold cabin, because it is always warm in the parking space. It is worth mentioning that obligatory winter attributes such as cleaning the vehicle body from the ice cover and snow - all this will remain just an annoying flashback with the heated parking.

Sale of Apartments with Underground Parking in CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate

Underground parking is the best solution for those who value comfort and take care of their "iron horse". Whether you have a car or you are just thinking about buying it, your own parking space in a warm facility next to the apartment is always more preferable to leaving a car on the street.

Therefore, the CHICAGO Central House Residential Complex offers its residents a heated two-level underground parking with the elevator. You do not have to jump over puddles or make your way through the snowdrifts – the elevator will take you directly to your car in a few seconds.

Underground Parking in CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate Means Safety and Comfort

Underground parking in the CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate meets all safety and comfort requirements. Parking is arranged on two levels. This allows you to choose the optimal location, area and cost of parking space.

Underground two-level parking of the CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate means:

  • parking spaces for each tenant with an area of ​​12 square metres
  • availability of elevators;
  • 24-hour security and video surveillance;
  • fire emergency exit;
  • additional exits.

No more exhausting searches for free space, expensive toll parking far from home and worries about safety of you vehicle. Your vehicle will be in a convenient place under our control in the CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate.


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