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How investors can join Customer Technical Control

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14 September 2018

We are constantly informing our customers about the construction progress: we publish photo digest on the website, provide with the detailed description of the works, make a video stream from the construction site. In addition to online informing, we are constantly communicating with the future residents and involve them to creation of the residential complex. We understand that it is important for investor to be sure of the construction quality. He has the right to express his wishes and to receive timely a feedback from the company. The Customer Technical Control, a new project of SAGA Development, performs exactly such functions.

Each month the investors, who have purchased an apartment in the CHICAGO Central House Residential Complex, have a possibility to visit a construction site in order to check the quality of construction of the facility, to communicate with the project manager, chief architect and representatives of the company.

At this stage, two meetings of the customer technical control have already taken place, where each investor was able to receive the answers to his questions, discuss the current works and express his offers with regard to construction.

Each investor of the CHICAGO Central House may join the project. Every month a service department sends an invitation in Viber to the Saga Support chat bot. You can visit messenger in the section “Assistant” of Sfera mobile application. Also the investors may communicate with the service managers in the chat and watch the latest news about the residential complex.

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