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The glass cube for CHICAGO Central House will be made by ECLIPSE company

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31 May 2018

After precise selection of contractors for the production of a glass cube, we decided to cooperate with ECLIPSE company, one of the largest ukrainian  companies in glazing facade of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Among its projects – the production and installation of glass facades for residential complex Panorama and City Hotel (Dnepr), mall Suvorovsky (Kherson), for  Roshen office (Vinnitsa), car dealers of international brands Ford, Toyota.

The media cube in CHICAGO Central House is a digital sculpture, and it has no analogues in Ukraine. When we designed it, we understood that this is a unique art object and for its creation we will need to recruit specialists  who are ready to work with an unusual order. Considering all our requests – a glass cube with a length of sides of 14.5 meters and height of 11.6 meters – ECLIPSE will produce a special case in which the media sculpture will be placed. After installing all elements of the cube, the facade of the CHICAGO Central House will present the architecture of the city from a new perspective.

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