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Even more stylish space in CHICAGO Central House

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17 October 2018

Imagine yourself living in an apartment with a two-level layout. You wake up in the morning in a spacious bedroom enlightened with the sun. One of the central street of the city is overlooked though the floor-to-ceiling window. Watching enthusiastically how the city is waking up for several minutes may become a short meditation before the beginning of a busy day. You go down the first floor to the large kitchen to cook a delicious breakfast. You do not need a reason for a special dish as every day is unique when you live in the CHICAGO Central House. You do not have important meetings today, so you may stay at home and work in your own office or you go to the office and come back home in the evening to have rest while watching thousands of lights switching on over the city.

We always find the best solutions for your comfort in the CHICAGO Central House. Two-level apartments are an advantageous option for those who appreciate space and robust layout.

Two-level apartments in the residential complex are located on the 23rd and 24th floors – floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the key sights of Kyiv. The total floor space starts from 97 sq.m., therefore the future residents will definitely have enough space for outfitting a zone for artwork, work and rest. Therewith, the apartments layout is free, which gives you an opportunity to implement your design experiments.

Do you see yourself already in the CHICAGO Central House?

We are glad to inform that sale of two-level apartments has started in the residential complex. Visit the Sales Department at the address: 44, Antonovycha Str., in order to familiarize with a layout and to choose a residence of your dream. Do not hesitate, a number of two-level apartments is limited!

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