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More than 100 photographs will present their works at Photo Kyiv Fair

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22 October 2018

4 days, 18 galleries, 100 photographs, 500 works, 2,500 m2 of location and endless emotions of excitement is two weeks yet for a start of the Photo Kyiv Fair, and we are already anticipating the large-scale event to be carried out in the CHICAGO Central House from November 1st - 4th.

This year, the international art-fair Photo Kyiv Fair will gather for the second time talented photographers, gallerist and speakers, who will tell about tendencies in modern art. More than 500 photographs will be represented in the CHICAGO Central House, among which you may see the works of such world class stars as Masao Yamamoto and Michael Kenna.

The Japanese artist Masao Yamamoto is known, first of all, for his small vintage photographs. To give a shade of old times to his photographs, the photographer stains the photographs with tea or intentionally carries them around with him allowing the photographs to get attritions. For photographing, he primarily chooses simple things, but he puts his own, special thought in each photograph. According to the master, he always tries to combine photography and art, and represent a single detail as a part of something great.

Unlike Masao Yamamoto, the English photographer Michael Kenna tends more to landscape photography in black and white. You will never mix up his works with the ones of others – they are always monochromical, chamber and have size of 30х30cm. He does not photograph people – only nature and buildings of various styles. But his love of landscape of various countries has not prevented him from taking photographs for globally known companies: Maserati, Adidas, Mercedes, Dom Perignon.

You may not only see works of these masters, but also buy it on the gallery stand of Barcelona Valid Foto BCN Gallery. As the Managing Director of the Photo Kyiv Fair Ivanna Bertran assures that the Valid Foto BCN Gallery in Ukraine is really the event, where unique works will be represented, including the ones from private collections.

We invite you to join the main photography event of this year.

Tickets for the art fair are already on sale.

You may buy tickets via the following link.

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