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10 August 2017

Location of CHICAGO Central House in the heart of Kyiv (44 Antonovich st.) gives future residents all the possibilities to live a complete comfortable life and give their children best education. There are several public and private kindergartens close to the house. Older children will be able to study at the best schools, gymnasiums and lyceums in Kyiv, conveniently located within walking distance of the house.


Kindergarten №739 At this kindergarten, children are earnestly prepared for school, so additional classes will not be needed. Also pupils, can choose to learn English or German, and also can be engaged in choreography. 77 Volodymyrska st.

Kindergarten №61 Pupils attend foreign languages classes, dance and physical education. 13 Tarasivska st.

"Slavuta" School-garden Here are psychological games, classes, trainings, as well as physical education, music, choreography for kids. 36 Velyka Vasylkivska st.

Kindergarten №129 Children are engaged in dancing, English, fine arts, and music. At the kindergarten there is a group for children with speech disorders. 89a Volodymyrska st.

English-speaking Kindergarten "Playroom" This is an English-speaking kindergarten, an elementary school and an English-speaking children`s club where children communicate with native speakers. 38 Tarasivska st.

“Kindervil” Kindergarten Private garden with a special educational program. 31b Shota Rustaveli st.


Shevchenko Specialized School №112 Here students learn English, German and French. In addition, students are offered to choose additional courses of business English, choreography, regional studies. 78 Velyka Vasylkivska St.

Specialized School I-III degrees №44 Students learn English in depth, and from the 5th grade – German. 46 Zhylianska st.

School I-III degrees №78 Senior students have the opportunity to choose a universal program or profile – by law or foreign philology. The institution is provided with modern equipment, the school has creative studios and a children`s and youth sports complex. 47 Shota Rustaveli st.

O. Dovzhenko Specialized School I-III degrees №87 Here students are intensively studying the Ukrainian language and literature. Training in the institution is conducted in Ukrainian and Russian languages. 4/6 Antonovycha St.


International Lyceum "Grand" Lyceum students receive in-depth knowledge of English, business and computer technology. Education at this institution is aimed at double result: the state program plus skills that are needed in life. 38 Zhylianska st.

Medical Lyceum of the National Medical University. A. Bogomolets This institution has medical orientation of education with an intensive study of specialized disciplines and pre-professional training for work in the medical field. 13 T. Shevchenko st.

Natural Science Lyceum №145 Pupils of 8-11 grades are given deep knowledge in physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science, and also offer to choose special courses for deepening knowledge in a certain field. 46 Shota Rustaveli st.

Information Technologies Lyceum №79 Here, children learn information technologies or biotechnologies in depth. Studying is provided in Ukrainian and Russian, and from the 1st grade lyceum students study English. 37 Shota Rustaveli st.

Tax and Advertising Affairs Lyceum №21 Program of the institution is aimed at studying economy, law, the basics of tax knowledge, design, advertising and PR. The Lyceum cooperates with the State Tax Inspectorate, the State Tax Administration and the National University of the State Tax Service. 64 Saksaganskoho st.


Medical Gymnasium №33 Gymnasium students are intensively studying the disciplines of the biological, chemical and humanitarian fields. 79b Volodymyrska st.

"Success" Gymnasium №32 From the first grade, students learn English, Russian is taught here from the second grade, and fifth-graders can choose a course in another foreign language – French, Spanish or German. Education in the senior grades is profiling – there is a philological, economic, legal and natural sciences specialities. 2 I. Fedorova st.


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