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SFERA mobile application for residents of CHICAGO Central House

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18 June 2018

Handing over the keys to the owner of the apartment does not release us from responsibility. We are trying to maintain the level of improvement of the building during its exploitation, communicate with the residents and try to predict their demands. We know that the practice established in the modern building management of Ukraine is still far from being in compliance with the world standards. That is why we have developed a unified ecosystem of building management SFERA living system, where SFERA mobile application takes a specific place.


The SFERA application is an online platform for the residents of the CHICAGO Central House enabling them to interact with the managing company and carry out control over the building after its putting into operation.


How does SFERA application work?

The managing company ATMOSFERA monitors the building maintenance quality. By installing the SFERA application you may contact a service manager and leave an application for any of the offered services or service activities of the company.

We developed a Personal Assistant for mobile platform which helps to support a feed-back with the representatives of the managing company and project developer SAGA Development.

The SFERA application is available for downloading in App Store, Google play market or through the mentioned QR-code.

You can also look through the manual on installation of the Personal Assistant with the help of QR-scanner.


SFERA functions at the stage of apartment purchasing  

Using of the SFERA application starts from purchasing the residential real estate in the CHICAGO Central House. The owner of the apartments does not need to stand in a queue – it will be enough just to send a request for registration of the rights of ownership and receive rapidly a feed-back from manager who will help in completing the full package of documents.

There is a section “Documents” in a menu of the application, where the owner of the apartment may download agreements, bills and other official documentation. This is a convenient and reliable functionality for file storage.


SFERA functions at the stage of building construction

You may monitor the process of construction of the CHICAGO Central House in real-time mode.  In order to do it, it is enough to visit the “Cameras” section and to choose the “Construction”.

You may get more details about the building, its improvement, availability of a frontage and networks in the “Construction Stage” section. For convenience we also added functions of downloading of photo documentation and an opportunity to familiarize with the infrastructure of the facility online. If the future residents have any questions, the Personal Assistant will help to get quick answers.


SFERA functions after putting the building into operation

Firstly, the owner of the apartment in the CHICAGO Central House will face renovation and redevelopment. You may find contractor for maintenance of renovation by yourself or use the services of one of the partner-companies, the list of which you will find in the application. We are working only with verified contractors and may guarantee quality of their services.

In addition, we arrange moving of the resident on a turnkey basis in order to deliver the things of any dimensions with due care.

In order to ensure that level of maintenance of the building that we promised, we integrated the “smart building” system into the SFERA application. You may monitor the order in the building and building premises in the “Cameras” section. Using synchronization of the application and entry phone you may remotely grant an access to a cleaning company to your apartment or it may done by a concierge using the “Online-concierge” function.

The “Services” section contains the categories necessary for comfortable dwelling: service request for sanitary engineer, electrician or handyman. We will also ensure the possibility to order flowers, taxi or products from a shop. If you are going to a holiday trip, the experts of a managing company will provide you with assistance in obtaining package of travel documents, including preparation of the documents for embassies, visa processing, tickets booking, flight registration. Loyalty programme enabling to get affordable prices for services and goods is available for the users of the application. 

We have also developed a convenient service for paying for the public utilities. At the stage of designing we arranged a remote transmission of meter readings through mobile application. You don’t need to enter all data on bills – they will be downloaded automatically to your user account.

For communication with neighbours and discussion of improvement solutions, we created “Initiatives” section, where residents of the building will be able to take and to decline decisions by voting. A principle of democracy was taken as a basis for interaction between residents. Each resident can launch an initiative and if it is supported by more than 50% of other residents, it will be implemented.


Property management application

In addition to the abovementioned functions, we offer our assistance in searches of tenants and sellers. We also provide with legal support.


SFERA application as the product of future

We are ready to change. We integrate such services and functions into the SFERA application which will be requested by the residents in the future. That is why the application is very flexible and is constantly being updated.

SFERA is not only a mobile platform that will lay the foundations of changes in housing and utility field. We are planning to launch an educational programme for the owners: to talk about specificity of this field, share knowledge and get familiarized with municipal programmes.

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