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24 April 2017

A phrase “contemporary architecture” acquires a new meaning because, apart from façade solutions which are unique for Kyiv, we place a special emphasis on creating a comfortable environment both for residents of the estate CHICAGO Central House and for city dwellers.

The unique objet d’art will become Kyiv’s attention grabber. It is going to be opened at one of the final stages of construction of the housing estate.


As one generation replaces the other, formats of communicating art to audience change as well. Statics has been replaced by dynamics – media sculptures. Virtual and real worlds are subtly entwined due to the fact that granite, marble, and gypsum our eyes are familiar with are combined with media formats which are uncommon in our everyday life. Futurists claim that we will soon get quite used to such exhibits. That’s why we are ready to perform such bold experiments on CHICAGO Central House in an attempt to change the modern view of art.

Media sculptures welcome visitors in American business centres; kinetic sculptures enchant people in airports and squares of capitals in all quarters of the world. A sculpture that responds to person’s movement — if we had heard of something of the kind a decade ago, we wouldn’t have believed it. But now it has already become a reality.

The objet d’art which is going to be installed at CHICAGO Central House’s atrium will grab people’s attention with its non-static form and content. The sculpture is going to change its look and content every day and every hour according to the weather, movement of the sun, and alignment of stars as it will work based on algorithms of interactivity. Media screens integrated into a futuristic form are going to play video content that will complete the reality with cyberspace, invite every passer-by to interact, and make them believe in magic.


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