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15 September 2017

The five-day MBKFD`18 fashion marathon in Kiev has come to an end. The Ukrainian world of fashion focused on intellectual beauty, rather than on glamorous attire: the event was held under the sign of new technologies and innovations.

Fashion House No. 1 was the official partner of the MBKFD. CHICAGO Central House demonstrated for the first time the sculpture, an enlarged model of which will be integrated into the facade of the building in the short run. There are yet no analogues to it in Europe, but guests of the Parkovy Convention and Exhibition Center were able to get acquainted with the prototype at the event. The image was shown on the cube taking into account the depth of space, which in the original version will be supplemented by another unusual solution – sensor technology, which will make the sculpture interactive.

The Buro-o architects were responsible for the design of the stylish black location of the cube, and the Expolight team was responsible for the embodiment of the potential of light and lighting. The guests and participants of the event were impressed by the observed scene and made hundreds of pictures against the background of 3D-mapping technologies.

In addition, the CHICAGO Central House in collaboration with the famous Ukrainian designer Anna K has created a limited collection of bags and presented them to the most fashionable guests of the MBKFD. Inspired by the digital environment Anna K commented on the result of the joint work: "The whole world is becoming digital, you should keep up with the times – it`s high time to introduce new technologies. I am also developing, for the first time I collaborated with the Fashion House No.1; it is a very interesting experience. The most important thing was to display the central cube, which will become a part of the facade. While I studied the building, I realized that I really like glass floors, now I want to live in this house."

Owing to the partnership between CHICAGO Central House and MBKFD, interaction between fashion and architecture was organic and spectacular. So different spheres at first glance have not just come in touch: they contribute to the development of each of the niches, mutually complementing and inspiring each other.

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