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15 July 2017

Media art is a hybrid form of art, the objects of which are created with the help of modern information and communication technologies, including digital art, computer graphics and animation, virtual art, interactive installations, computer robotics, conceptual art and performance. It is a desire to combine technical progress and human nature, experiencing sensuality.

Today, the inhabitants of many cities in the world have the opportunity to enjoy the kinetic sculptures, media installations or media sculptures.


One of its parks has the sculpture, informing people about the contamination of urban air. It is made in the form of a tree, the crown of which follows the outline of the city, and which is divided into 27 sections – the number of districts in Seoul. The crown is illuminated depending on the air pollution in a particular area. The information comes from the sensors that are installed all over Seoul. Through this sculpture people can imagine what the overall ecological situation is.


New York.

Kinetic sculpture "Weather Beacon" surprises residents by turning weather into art. It works 24 hours a day and responds to meteorological parameters (air temperature, force and direction of wind, etc.). According to the author, Eric Gazmen, this is "a huge sculpture transforming weather data into elegant movement of the mechanism and is brightly illuminated." The principle of the work: the sculpture is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and receives the weather forecast. Software transforms this information into a system of movements and colour flashes. The sculpture is covered with the glass, where you can read "decoding information", when, based on the temperature of the air, the screen flashes in different colours. On the one hand, it looks like fun; on the other hand, it demonstrates the capabilities of modern technology and the visualization of the forces of nature.


Los Angeles.

In the heart of the city there is a kinetic installation by artist Patrick Shearn - "Rare piece", with an area of almost 140 square meters, made up of several thousands of holographic tapes. They are hung on a thin thread tape, when interacting with the wind they slowly begin to move, creating the illusion of silver clouds.



Famous interactive installation was created in collaboration with Tellart for the administrative office of the Prime Minister of the UAE. The system consists of a screen and ball on the pedestal. The ball rotates when you lift it, thus you may enter the game space system. You perform a series of spatial tasks, thereby increasing the speed and difficulty. Every ball is covered with a reflector covering "Halo", which allows the sensors to determine the exact location in three-dimensional space. Data is displayed in the virtual space that goes beyond the physical walls, allowing the viewer to interact with the game world. Advanced sensors of Fitzania analyse the biometric signals of the player, providing accurate diagnostics and updates of a personal fitness profile. The tests finishes when you return the ball. As a result, you get a prescription according to your needs. The aim of the project was to find a solution to conduct regular fitness tests.

We may also remind that the interactive sculptures exist in many other cities around the world. Nowadays in Ukraine, media art is mostly presented in the framework of artistic projects, at exhibitions and festivals, and events unfamiliar to the general public.

CHICAGO Central House begins the tradition of great cities, focusing on the progressive countries, where such objects slowly but surely become popular in public places and even meet visitors in the halls of business centres.

Media sculpture of the House will attract the attention with its dynamic form and unusual content. Integrated into a futuristic form media screens will broadcast the video content, which will add the digital space to the reality and involve for the cooperation everyone passing by the building. Every hour the sculpture will change appearance and content depending on the weather, the movement of the sun and the stars, because the principle of operation will be based on the interactive communication. Thus, we are looking forward to the implementation of the project, so that the Kievans could have an opportunity to enjoy the media art sculpture with the technologies of the future in the centre of the Ukrainian capital.


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