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01 September 2017

We are convinced that a well-equipped yard is an essential part of a truly high-quality housing. There should be space for pedestrians, parking spaces, recreation areas and all the appropriate infrastructure near the house. The facilities of the streets and courtyards adjacent to CHICAGO Central House take into account needs of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, as well as provide planting of greenery and equipment for children`s leisure activities.


Near the house at the corner of Zhilyanska and Antonovycha street, we will set up a green pedestrian zone with benches. Along the sidewalk trees will grow, catalpa in particular, under which we will put comfortable benches, and a little further - tables under tents. All the paving will be laid on the same level, and in front of the pedestrian crossing it will gradually decrease for the convenience of people with low mobility, parents with buggies and cyclists.


The cozy courtyard will be located far from the loud street. The grape fence will separate it from the surrounding space, openings in which will repeat the rhythm of the windows of the facade. We will place original, circle-shaped benches in the courtyard. In the space formed within two of these benches, the bushes of juniper will grow, the center of the third bench will become a platform, and center of the fourth one - a sandbox. We will also set up a swing, a slide and a climber for kids. In order to make children safer, we will make the a rubber surfacing around the gaming equipment.

Transport and parking

Detachable bollards will separate the pedestrian zone from the driveway and at the same time will keep access to the yard for fire trucks. Entry for them and for garbage trucks to the territory of CHICAGO Central House will be arranged on the side of Zhilyanska street. Residents of the building will be able to use a two-level underground secure parking, reachable by elevator. A small guest parking lot will be arranged along the streets near the house, and next to it a bicycle parking will be placed.

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