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25 September 2017

The beginning of the autumn was marked by a very important event of the beauty and culture world. Fashion House No.1 couldn’t stay behind. The recipe for success turned out to be simple: we collaborated with a young and gifted Anna K. The result of joint efforts exceeded all expectations – a black bag with scarlet corded silk ribbons has become a must-have and a real trend. Everybody carried it – from models to fashion followers. Though, could it be different, taking into account the merits of the winner of the Design It contest? Anna deserved that place in the international rating Forbes "30 under 3" in "The Arts" category. Her items replenish wardrobes of top-models of the world level – Natalia Vodianova and Alina Baikova. Had been inspired by the architecture, design, features and appearance of the CHICAGO Central House, the Designer created the equally interesting and inspiring art work.

We have met with Anna at the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days and found out how fashionable art items are made.

– We congratulate you on demonstrating the new collection and we would like to know what it has been marked by.

– The presentation of Spring-Summer collection took place on the seventh floor of the capital Central Department Store on the first of September. Be the way, my first monobrand was opened at this building as well, a few floors below.

The collection is dedicated to cryptocurrency and bitcoins. All the world is transferring to digital one, you should have the world at your fingertips, for a traditional fashion week, its sales systems are something old-fashioned. It’s high time to implement new technologies. For this reason, the slogans on my clothes say, "Love is Crypto", "Front Row Only". One of the sources of inspiration for image creation was Juliet, since a love which she experienced was a crypto one, that is, hidden. I have managed to combine harmoniously cryptocurrency and Crypto Juliet, and the result you may see for yourself. I am sure that soon there will be almost no people for whom the topic of new technologies will be strange and unfamiliar. This is what my show was about.

– How do you think, except for bitcoins and beautiful houses, what will be in trend in the near future?

–I am sure that open display of underwear will be a trend. Short tops and beautiful bras will drive out cotton T-shirts. One and all models are already dressed this way, expose the lower part of the breast and massively wear crop tops. This very fashion craze I set into my collection, underwear should be exposed! But it should be correct, of course, for example, be sportive. This season I have created clothes made not of cotton but transparent net. It appeared to be not vulgar at all, and it emphasises only the right places. You put on a transparent dress and you are ready – dressed like this you may conquer the world or buy a new apartment at Fashion House No.1.

– Since we have touched this topic, what did you bring about to collaborate with the CHICAGO Central House? What interested you in this offer?

–I collaborated with various brands of clothes and even equipment many times. But I had never worked with the most famous fashion house of the country till then, and I had to change it urgently. It has become a very interesting experience. One thing is to create an item and another thing is to represent the result of work with such a serious architecture project. As a result of long-term creative outbursts I have created a bag with sign "CHICAGO CHIC BY Anna K". The context appeared to be a bit humorous. The signs are printed on white skyscrapers, exactly as for the CHICAGO. Everybody is carrying these bags, and while I am talking to you they will be totally sold out, with no one left for me. Generally speaking, everything happened to be very cool, and I am glad the event had come around.


– How did the idea for the bag appear?

– I like corded silk ribbons very much, I always make clothes of it – it is the DNA of my brand. And for any collaborations it is important to involve both your DNA and points with which you work. That is why I took a red ribbon (red is one of the key colours of my new collection) in my right hand, and a project of a house being built – in my left hand. I asked myself how should I display this luxurious construction on a bag? I understood that the most important is to represent the central club in a stunning way which will be on the building façade.

– Is that the first time you directly get close to the field of architecture?

– I have already participated in a contest of young Kyiv architects. They put together ten main designers of our country on one spot, placed metal rod in front of them and told: "This is a frame, and you should make a beautiful chair of that". There was not a building, but a chair! It was an absolutely different scale. Thus, if to talk globally it was my first time.

– Which goals do you set for your near future?

– At the end of the autumn I will represent a renewed brand Anna K, and you will see great innovations in my project. Also I want to buy a new dwelling. I am planning to buy an apartment in the CHICAGO Central House. I have looked though all the possible options and fell in love with the glass upper floors.

We wish Anna everything good in her initiatives, and we are grateful for the new bag she has presented to the world, with emphasis the harmony of fashion and architecture. And at the same time we envy the future neighbours of the young Designer.

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