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Innovative materials for making glass cube in CHICAGO Central House

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21 September 2018

Once Steve Jobs dreamt of constructing a 12 meters high glass cube. It was planned that the construction would decorate the entrance to the Apple store on Fifth Avenue, one of the most fashionable streets of the Big Apple. Jobs has found the best engineers, invited highly-paid architects and attracted the gurus of America`s construction market, George Macklowe.

In 2006, the dream of the Apple founder came true. However, with a small nuance. At that time, the available machinery was not able to produce the parts designed by the engineers, the length of which was 6 meters. After continues and numerous negotiations, Jobs signed a contract with the German company "BGT". Its specialists managed to glue pieces of glass and create a 9-meter monolithic structure. Steve Jobs agreed to such a height.

While designing a cube in CHICAGO Central House, we were definitely inspired by Apple`s world-famous construction. But we decided to modernize its concept and create a real 14.5 meters digital-sculpture. Today, when its installation has already started, we want to tell more about the materials chosen for the cube, and the companies that were involved into the project.

The main distinctive feature of the cube in CHICAGO Central House is that it will be a true art object – a media sculpture with a dynamic screen in the glass pane. We have entrusted development of digital content to Expolight. According to its plan, the video will be broadcasted on the screen, the main idea of ​​which will be the evolution of materials. Wood, stone, concrete, glass, aluminium, digital material – this very gradation will be displayed. Six 10-minute rollers, the evolution of materials, will be shown on the screen within an hour.

The art object will be placed inside a glass cube, the process of production and assembling parts of which is coordinated by Eclipse. Specialists of the design department have elaborated a project, taking into account the specifics of the design, climatic zone and protection against possible damages.

The cube frame consists of glass 12-meter ribs. Given the peculiarities of the climate in Kiev, instead of one glass, two-layer double-glazed windows will be used. They will protect the cube from freezing inside.

For the selection of materials, Eclipse specialists attracted manufacturers with world names: the exterior multifunctional glass was made by the American company Guardian, an internal energy-saving glass – by the Japanese brand AGC, the side ribs – by Saint-Gobain, France. The Swiss company Glas Trösch was involved for glass processing.

The roof of the cube will be equipped with an electric heater, that is especially important for the winter season. We entrusted the Ukrainian company Glass Team with assembly and installation of glass pane.

"We managed to embody the world experience in one project. We are working with an art object for the first time. And we are especially pleased that this is the cube, as it will become a landmark not only for the residential complex CHICAGO Central House, but also for the country, as a whole," – says Eclipse.

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