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Kindergarten near the house

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16 June 2017

It is very important, when near the house there are many educational institutions, especially kindergartens. After all, this means that your child will have a place to learn and to know the world.

In addition, the garden near the house is convenient. You do not have to travel miles by car to take the child to an institution, and then spend as much time in traffic jams while you get to work. And so every day. It`s quite another thing, when it`s a few minutes walk to the kindergarten. You can walk and take a breath of fresh air, and have fun in talking with your child on the street.

And it`s very good, when in a pre-school institution a child can study dancing or music and learn English without extra time. CHICAGO Central House in this regard is very lucky, because there are several kindergartens nearby. This, for example

- Sadik №61 "Pervotsvet", Vladimirskaya street, 76

The garden is designed for 150 children aged 2 to 7 years. In the institution there are circles for artistic and aesthetic directions. At the request of parents, a foreign language, choreography and martial arts are taught in the garden.

- Sadik No. 129, Vladimirskaya Street, 89-A

The kindergarten of the combined type is designed for 110 children between the ages of two and seven. The main directions of work are the intellectual development of the child. There are groups of general development and special groups for children with speech impairments. In the institution there are speech therapists, practical psychologist, choreographer, physical education instructor, music teacher, teacher of English.

- Sadik No. 739, Vladimirskaya Street, 77

The kindergarten is designed for 75 children aged 3 to 7 years. The main direction of work: the artistic and aesthetic development of preschool children. The goal of the institution is to provide high-quality preparation of children for school, create comfortable conditions for the harmonious development of the child. Children learn a foreign language, are engaged in choreography and, if necessary, receive the help of a psychologist.


No less important than the correct choice of kindergarten, is the preparation of the child for this stage. And here the numerous children`s clubs located near to CHICAGO Central House come to the aid. In such institutions, children quickly socialize, so it will be much easier for them to remain alone in the future. In addition, in children`s centers children train small motor skills, engage in easy sports, learn to count and read.

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