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21 June 2017

Chicago, of course, has its own fashion week - the Chicago Fashion Week (CFW), but, unlike other cities, this week does not have the status of the "main city event of the year" in the fashion sphere. However, there is a certain "multipolarity": equally important are the Midwest Chicago Fashion Days, the African Fashion Exhibition (devoted to trends rooted in the African ethnic tradition), cross cultural events with the participation of art stars and musicians and other expensive modern hearts urban fashion event. Track them on the official website of the municipality of Chicago.

It`s nice that the entrance to many of these events is free. Thus, the city authorities are trying (quite successfully) to attract as many tourists as possible to the life of the city. All the time there are various fashion-fundraisers, that is special events, the task of which is to collect more money for a noble purpose, more often to help the unprotected layers of the population.

One of the last weeks of fashion in Chicago bore the name-credo of the Fashion Focus and set a goal to emphasize the self-sufficiency of the talents living and working in this city. "It`s not necessary to go to New York, London or Paris to make a name for yourself. In the "global village", into which our world has become, you can work anywhere. Let it be Chicago - a city in which the wind brings fresh ideas, and the talented hands of local fashion designers grab them and do not let them escape. " That`s it, with different variations, talked about the Fashion Focus 2016.

All residents of Chicago, related to fashion, are proud of their fellow countryman Kanye West, who made a noise in the fashion world no less than in music. His nickname is Yeezy, and his path to the glory of "the king of cool clothes" deserves a little digression into the story. In 2004, West released his debut album, The College Dropout, that is, "the one who left college." The release gained a stunning success and attracted the public`s attention to the young rapper. Who is this, show it to us! - demanded the crowd, and Kanye happily boasted in front of the cameras with his snow-white sneakers at the price of a budget car, T-shirts XXXL, backpacks from Louis Vuitton and pink polo shirts. To some it seemed ridiculous, but someone was delighted. After signing a contract with the Rockafella Records label, which belongs to Jay-Z, Kanye began to produce personalized clothing lines and permanently "registered" in the front row of the main fashion shows of the planet. Now he does not get used to sitting next to Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of American Vogue.

In addition to Kanye West, fashionable Chicago owes its success to the local climate! Because it is sharply continental, what can one not just come up with from clothes: any varieties of jackets, coats, trench coats, capes or jackets you will find in the wardrobe of a Chicago resident. The fact is that the weather is changing so dramatically that it makes no sense to hide things on the far shelf. All the same in a week they may be needed. Here, mods should not only be creative, but also devilishly inventive, and also philosophically treat the tests.

The inhabitants of Chicago affectionately call their city Chi Town - slightly Asian, but very warm and affectionate. There are certain advantages to be a fashion blogger away from the capital: the top Instagram accounts have seven to ten thousand people here, that is, not so much - in comparison with the situation in New York or Los Angeles. At the same time in Chicago, bloggers are more clearly divided into niches: someone writes and photographs almost exclusively on the topic of shoes with heels, someone`s piece - belts and belts, someone is going crazy with glasses. Everyone is engaged in his own business.

If you want to feel the spirit of the place as soon as possible, you can search for inspiration on the request of the "Chicago street style". Here`s what most likely will strike you in the eye: the dominance of white, checkered print, costume fabric (that`s really surprising, especially on young guys, almost teenagers). Very creative local people refer to jewelry, not ashamed to unite obviously luxurious, precious rings and rings with very modest, sometimes homemade earrings - even now at the Coachella festival! In this Chicago is similar to San Francisco, although, of course, he is not as uninhibited as this Californian mecca boho-chic.

Sometimes people in Chicago make up their look on the principle of "absurdity and courage" - when they wear jeans with huge holes in the frost or when they walk in rubber beach slippers during a non-warm rain, but they know better that this city is ready to forgive.

If you are looking for authentic brands, whose products can be brought from Chicago as a souvenir, pay attention primarily to the brand of menswear Independence, unique shoes from the local craft leather Oak Street and "widely known in narrow circles" brand headwear Optimo. No, this is not a paid advertising post, these things have indeed crossed the border for a long time just a "trade mark" and in the United States have become a real legend. So why not take some legends with you?

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