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12 October 2017

We used all sourced and made all efforts to construct a modern climate, but not just make its semblance. That is why we follow the opinion of people engaged both in fashion and architecture fields. Gifted and talented designers assisted us at MBKFD SS`18. The founder of OVER the SEA brand has expressed her view. Kseniya Kramarenko has put the things right in light and heavy industries, for what we are all very grateful.

— Kseniya, how has your first large fashion show gone?

— My brand is new, it was only two years that is why I am unfamiliar with fashion weeks. However, I drew to a conclusion that the main thing is to give people what they want. Every woman has her own needs: one woman wishes to emphasize something and another one wants to hide something. I wanted to create a dress which a girl could take for a vacation, a dress which would contribute to body relax. So as women would finally get rest in view of how hard they work.

— Which fabrics do you use?

— If you look at an article and nothing embarrasses you then it is expensive, then people have made everything right. It is that very clothes the one wants to have. That is why my products are made of natural silk. All tassels and flowers are hand-made. If one hangs two articles one next to another which are of different cuts but of one model, the difference will be obvious

— How do you feel about a fashion craze?

— I do not keep up with trends. Let’s imagine: red is in fashion, and all collections will be in red. You’ll get oddly. You should keep your distinctness. Especially since it`s all relative!


— How do fashion shows influence cultural life of the capital, if do at all?

— Beautiful things shall influence. If after a fashion show a man has put his mind to create or buy something beautiful – it’s great. Beautiful things should absorb and then give a push. That is why one should attract young people who make contributions to the cultural image of this country, so as it had a noble look on the world stage.

— Does fashion industry deal with other arts?

— Social trends forge their own path everywhere: in art, culture, fashion because this is a reflection of the population in general. Initially, I was an architect, and it has been two years since I engaged into clothing.

— What trends and principles are close to you?

— I liked non-linier architecture. It’s very important for visualization to correspond to the reality, and refer the idea at most. And there is a spirit of America in the CHICAGO Central House. It is stylish what I see.

— At which points do architecture and fashion intersect?

— An influence of family, friends, and also walls where a man spends his time shapes him. If you live in a white and spacious building, you will think absolutely differently and allow you mentally to do quite different things than a person living in an opposite conditions. This also applies to clothes, as well: people wearing silk and jacquard are not afraid of taking desired things in life. An issue of inner freedom. First of all developers should develop their inner aesthetics. It is important to approach architecture seriously since then your children will live in this surroundings.

— Are the mission, objective and message the same in fashion and architecture?

— Definitely, yes. When people make something beautiful it is self-expression, sublimation. The most important thing is that this will touch and please us. A message should be designated. Designers create piece of art bringing joy, and the mass marker makes clothing which is just comfortable. One is very pleased to stay in good buildings the visual aspects of which are expensive and well-designed. You should not generalize all work results of these fields. You may choose a wrong dress that is why the light industry is called light. Whereas, building is a much more difficult product.

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