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Architects of studio D73 told about their creative credo

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16 August 2018

The CHICAGO Central House is striving to be the height of fashion and style. For this very reason we have involved leading Italian architectures from the Studio D73 into creation of apartment interiors.

The studio’s business, headed by the architects Marco Vismara and Andrea Viganò, is not limited only to Italy – its portfolio includes a lot of works for French and Spain clients, as well as customers from Western Europe and Northern Africa. The Studio D73 specialises in creation of interiors for apartments and villas, and commercial objects: hotels, showrooms, spa centres.

“When creativity meets reality, emotions arise. Emotions are priceless!” that how the artistic motto of the studio sounds. And Marco Vismara adds, ‘It always seems to me that all dreams, all illusions can become a reality. You catch them in eyes, feel them in your hands – it is intuition which becomes life itself. And today, in the world of, not infrequently, trivial things, only art remains timeless.’

His colleague Andrea Viganò is confident that architecture is a passion, which one cannot gift, nor learn. ‘This passion is always inside me, and every day I happily juice it with new experience and ideas,’ he confesses. ‘I am sure that a passion gives a peculiar taste to all things.’

It is the very passion that along with the professional competence and rich experience are the super power, which has allowed the architects from the Studio D73 to create unique interiors expressing the soul of the CHICAGO Central House.

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