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Talk with Kseniya Kramarenko. Areas of common interest in fashion and architecture
12 October 2017
We used all sourced and made all efforts to construct a modern climate, but not just make its semblance.
Interview with Anna K. What Inspires the Designer of Z Generation
26 September 2017
The beginning of the autumn was marked by a very important event of the beauty and culture world.
Media cube CHICAGO Central House Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days
September 15, 2017
The five-day MBKFD'18 fashion marathon in Kiev has come to an end
Comfortable yard near CHICAGO Central House
September 01, 2017
We are convinced that a well-equipped yard is an essential part of a truly high-quality housing
CHICAGO Central House is a new partner of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days
August 31, 2017
CHICAGO Central House embodies a new concept for Ukraine - a house as a work of art
The littlest residents of CHICAGO Central House will have an opportunity to study near home
August 10, 2017
Location of CHICAGO Central House in the heart of Kyiv (44 Antonovich st.) gives future residents all the possibilities to live a complete comfortable life and give their children best education
Vivid life in the city center
July 24, 2017
CHICAGO Central House is located in the very center of Kyiv at 44 Antonovycha street. Apartment owners will be lucky to live in the historic district of the capital
Media Art of the future in CHICAGO Central House
July 15, 2017
Media art is a hybrid form of art, the objects of which are created with the help of modern information and communication technologies, including digital art, computer graphics and...
HALL of the CHICAGO Central House: when each detail is taken into account
July 04, 2017
Bright and welcoming hall is the first thing a person will see entering the building.
The Musical Chicago
May 30, 2017
Five little-known facts about the musical Chicago
Objet d'art
April 22, 2017
Chicago Central House’s atrium will house a unique media sculpture
7 Wonders of Chicago
March 22, 2017
Chicago, the state of Illinois, the "Windy City". The third most populous city in the United States. Perhaps, the most underestimated by tourists. Let’s imagine ...


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