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Apartments with repair by D73 design studio

Location of the CHICAGO Central House residential complex is the best possible option for those wishing to be in the spotlight and live in one rhythm with the city. So, in order to make your moving to a new apartment more pleasant, we solved all issues with repair: we developed an exclusive design, chose furniture and necessary appliances.

The projects of design have been developed by the D73 studio, an international company, the works of which are well-known in Switzerland, Italy, Russia and Georgia. Two popular directions have been chosen for arrangement of the apartments in the CHICAGO Central House: Nordic and Modern Glamour.

Apartment design in Nordic style - first variant of lay-out

In the design of an apartment in Nordic style you may feel fondness of colour and unusual solutions. You may observe the features of Scandinavian style in everything: in blue shade of walls, natural materials, of which furniture and parquet are made.

Since Nordic direction unites in itself the features of minimalism and eco-style, the designers have chosen the furniture of brown and beige wood with matte finish for the kitchen combined with a living room. In order to keep the concept of the interior and not to overload the room with the details, the built-in appliances of a popular brand have been installed in the kitchen:

  • ● dishwasher - BOSCH SMV24AX005,
  • ● oven – BOSCH HBN539S5,
  • ● cooking top – BOSCH PKE611FP1E,
  • ● washing machine - Whirpool EWSF61503W,
  • ● fridge - Whirlpool 6502-A+.

Colour combination in the living room is also on the first place. Brown and sand shades serve as a neutral background for the armchairs covered with durable turquois fabric and numerous pictures on the wall. There is everything necessary for a comfortable rest area in the room: a soft sofa, two arm-chairs, coffee table, LG LED Full HD TV with a diagonal of 49 inches, СOOPER & HUNTER air condition with Wi-Fi control.

Bedroom continues a general concept of the interior. It appeared to be cosy, stylish and restrained at the same time. There is everything necessary in the room: double bed, bedside table, wardrobe, desk, bookshelf, LG LED Full HD TV with a diagonal of 43 inches. Despite of such number of furniture, the room is very spacious and light by means of low window sills.

White, white and grey tile with ornaments has been used to decorate the walls in the shower room. Floor and elements of furniture match in colour and wooden surface finish. For convenience of the future residents a bathroom is fitted with shower cubicle, washstand, necessary bathroom and lavatory equipment, over-the-toilet storage cabinet, boiler of ALTANTIC brand.

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Nordic apartment interior style - second variant of lay-out

In finishing and furnishing the second Nordic apartment style, designers have applied more light colours, and at the same time with leaving blue walls be a key tone for all rooms.

A feature the kitchen, combined with the living room, is a combination of white, blue and brown walls, due to which zoning of the area occurs. For finishing and furnishing the kitchen, the designers have chosen furniture from light and dark brown wood with a mat surface, and in order not to overload the room with odd components, the kitchen is equipped with built-in appliances of BOSCH brand: dishwashing machine (SMV24AX005 model), oven (HBN539S5 model), cooking surface (PKE611FP1E model), refrigerator of the trademark of Whirlpool 6502-A+ and washing machine Whirpool EWSF61503W.

There is everything for a comfort zone of relaxation in the living room: a soft sofa, two armchairs, a coffee table, a TV-set LG LJ5150 Full HD with 49-inch diagonal, an air conditioner Сooper & HUNTER with WI-FI control function.

The designers from Studio D73 have decided, that excessive intensity of a colour and application of bright details do not respond a vision of the style declared, that is why they have settled on moderate tones. White, blue and brown colours are prevailing here. Due to panoramic windows a lot of daylight enters the room. The sleeping room is conventionally divided into a working space, for which there is a drawing table, a soft chair, and a space to relax – with a sleeping bed and a plasma TV LG LJ500V Full HD with 43-inch diagonal.

A spacious shower room is equipped with all the necessary: a cabin, sanitary fitments, ATLANTIC boiler, a washbasin with a dark wood wall-mounted cabinet. The general concept of the interior is emphasized by the blue walls together with brown tiles.

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Apartment design in Modern Glamour style

Apartment in Modern Glamour style became the second project of the D73 studio. The result fully lives up to the direction name: the walls contrasted with the floor, the accents in a form of furniture in bright colours, lustrous surfaces, use of non-standard geometric forms.
Owing to large panoramic windows the apartment looks spacious. There is enough daylight for the bedroom and a living room united with kitchen. Artificial lights are actively used, as well: chandeliers, lamps, spotlights on the ceiling.
The main colour scale is grey; you may observe it in the whole apartment. Contrast walls in white and graphite complement furniture – dining table, chairs covered with grey textile, in the living room there is a soft sofa, coffee table and two bright pink arm-chairs serve as a special accent to the room. Appliances installed in the closets made of white wood are represented by the following brands:
  • ● dishwasher - BOSCH SMV24AX005,
  • ● oven- BOSCH HBN539S5,
  • ● cooking top - BOSCH PKE611FP1E,
  • ● washing machine - Whirpool EWSF61503W.
  • ● fridge - Whirlpool 6502-A+.
The interior of the bedroom appeared to be more rich. Red walls and use of bright elements of setting create a special atmosphere in the room. It is pleasant to work in it, as well as to have rest after a busy day. There is everything necessary in the room: double bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, desk, big mirror, LG LED Full HD TV with a diagonal of 43 inches. Despite of such number of furniture and elements of settings, the room is very spacious and light by means of low window sills. The interior of the apartment is complemented with white floor made of a tile with lustrous surface.

Bathroom is represented by the shower room. Shower cubicle, necessary bathroom and lavatory equipment, boiler of ATLANTIC brand, washstand with over-the-toilet storage cabinet where you can put together towels and cosmetics, are installed there. Designers used pastel tones, owing to which the space appeared to be very warm and light.

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How can you purchase a repaired apartment in the CHICAGO Central House?

We prepared three repaired apartments for those, who dream of moving and want to save their time: two apartments with the total floor space of 65 sq.m and 80,81 sq.m in Nordic style and one apartment with the total floor space of 86.28 sq.m in Modern Glamour style.

Choose your option and contact the Sales Department at the following address: 44, Antonovycha Street, as soon as possible. Our managers will answer all your questions, tell about the purchasing terms and help you to choose a style of interior meeting your demands.

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