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Apartments in Downtown of Kiev from
CHICAGO Central House Residential

Many people dream of living in the downtown of the capital and this is not surprising. Dwelling in the downtown is a good transport and social infrastructure. The proximity to public transport stops, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals, shops and banks makes this real estate a perfect solution for those who appreciate status, independence and own time.

The new CHICAGO Central House residential business class complex is located at: 44, Antonovich Street, Goloseevskiy district of the capital. The building constructed in a bright Chicago style harmoniously complemented the prestigious infrastructure of the area. The residential estate is distinguished by a favourable location not far from the business and cultural downtown of the city. It has been constructed for socially active, goal-seeking businessmen, progressive youth, who value their own personality and young families who want to secure their future.

The CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate is a worthy option for those who want to live in the downtown, but at the same time have some advantages over other newly-built apartment blocks. Imagine a bright, trendy, bohemian nook in the heart of the capital, where you will feel relaxed and at peace; where it is comfortable to live, study, relax and play sports, after all, you have everything you need beside you – from kindergartens and schools to sports clubs and restaurants; where you can conduct business without leaving your home. From here you can easily reach the main sights of the capital, parks and squares. In addition, of course, here you can enjoy a stunning view of the city's landscapes. All this is a reality that became possible with the CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate.

For future residents of the complex we offer 240 apartments on 24 floors: 1-, 2- and 3-room apartments, as well as duplex apartments. Each detail is thought over taking into account modern requirements to comfort, safety, unique architecture and high-quality equipment. The most important advantage of the apartments of the estate is an open plan layout, which allows bringing any fantasy about perfect dwelling in the downtown of the metropolis into life.

Purchase an apartment in Downtown of Kiev in CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate

If you value your own comfort and status, purchase an apartment in the downtown of Kiev in the CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate. The well-organized adjacent territory, unique design, high-quality finish, modern level of service, proximity to significant city facilities, convenient transport interchange, own parking space - all this may become yours. To do this, just call the sales department experts or leave your contact details through a convenient form on the website.


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