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The glass cube with the media-sculpture

Modern technologies make it possible to see what we usually perceive with other senses. We add digital dimension to reality and became the first in Ukraine, who show on the screen the invisible rhythm of the city in the form of a media-sculpture:

  • wind speed
  • air temperature
  • the weather
  • season
  • light
  • number of pedestrians
  • car traffic
Glass cube with media sculpture - Chicago Central House
The main distinctive feature of the cube it is a true art object – a media sculpture with a dynamic screen in the glass pane. We have entrusted development of digital content to Expolight. According to its plan, the video broadcasted on the screen, the main idea of ​​which is the evolution of materials. Wood, stone, concrete, glass, aluminium, digital material – this very gradation display. Six 10-minute rollers, the evolution of materials, show on the screen within an hour.
Glass cube with media sculpture - Chicago Central House
The screens of the media-sculpture reproduce the visualization of data arrays, which different all the time, as the city itself. The content have any pattern and do not repeat itself, so viewers will not be able to predict what the screen will show next. The illumination of the facade of CHICAGO Central House exist in symbiosis with the sculpture and fit the image on the screen.
Glass cube with media sculpture - Chicago Central House
The art object placed inside a glass cube with a length of 14.5 meters on the sides and a height of 11.6 meters. In the summer of 2019, the opening of a residential complex took place, where Kiev and guests of the capital were able to see the launch of a cube with a media sculpture.


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