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What do you need to know about penthouses before the sales manager shows them to you? Perhaps your life will be divided into "before" and "after", and you will no longer be able to imagine your new apartment to another.

Everything is perfect in the CHICAGO Central House penthouses: a large area, two levels, floor-to-ceiling windows, the 23rd floor, which overlooks the NSC "Olympic" and the central streets of Kiev. This announcement is enough to choose one of the duplex apartments in our house.

On sale are penthouses of 193 m². Each two-level apartment differs in its planning solutions and accordingly has different species characteristics. The most popular option, of course, is the view of the Olympic. From the height of the last floors, it looks fantastic. A calmer panorama is towards Antonovich and the houses of the central streets. In the evening, when the sun sets and thousands of lights light up the city, it takes on a special magic.

What are the advantages of two-level layouts in CHICAGO Central House? In addition to the fact that such architectural solutions allow you to zone the space, the atmosphere of a two-level apartment often resembles a country house.

Among the CHICAGO Central House penthouses, there are three-, four- and five-room apartments. Super spacious and comfortable. They want to embody their design skills and fill every square meter with comfort. Most penthouses have a study. If you have long dreamed of a separate room for work and creativity, this is another reason to choose a two-level apartment in our house.

Get acquainted with the plans of penthouses in our section, and to view them visit our sales department at the address: st. Antonovicha, 44. We are sure that you will fall in love with the CHICAGO Central House penthouses at first sight.

Now available for sale:

Планировка квартиры
Floor 23-24
Living space, м2126.94
Total area, м2193.8
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Interior of the penthouseThis is what your penthouse might look like!

Choose one of the interiors for your two-level apartment, which was created by the designers of the international company DSB. Practical and full of aesthetics functionalism, elegant classicism or classic in a modern sense? We offer you three styles, one of which will definitely suit you.



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Cooperation for realtors

If there is a tendency to purchase a certain type of apartments, then a two-level layout is beyond it. The popularity of two-level dwelling is easy to explain: you live in the city, but feel the advantages of a country house, you have plenty of space and you may plan it according to its functional purpose, due to absence of a close-set inter-floor ceiling there is enough natural light in the rooms and the height of the ceiling seems larger.

In the modern market, two-level apartments are presented in the elite segment, as well as in the business class, in particular, at the CHICAGO Central House. More details below.

Advantages of two-level apartments at CHICAGO Central House

In the residential complex CHICAGO Central House two-level apartments are located on the 23rd and 24th floors. This is the optimal height to enjoy the cityscape – the panoramic windows overlook the main architectural monuments of Kyiv. In the morning, you may observe how the city wakes up and its streets are filled with life, and admire the sun in the evening and see thousands of lights in the neighbouring buildings.

Let's list the main advantages of the two-level apartment at the residential complex CHICAGO Central House:

  • Of course, the first and most important advantage of the two-level dwelling is its large floor space – in the building the floor space of the apartments varies from 90 sq.m. to 280 sq.m.
  • The peculiarity of two-level apartments at the CHICAGO Central House is a panoramic window, overlooking three sides simultaneously.
  • Two-level apartments are easily planned and the premises are allocated by its functions. On the first floor there are a sitting room, kitchen, hallway, and on the second floor there are lounge rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. The peculiarity of the two-level apartments of the CHICAGO Central House is their open layout, enabling its residents to allocate the space at their own discretion to certain zones and premises.
  • Such property is characterized by large open space. This effect is strengthened by panoramic windows, which, due to absence of ceilings, create a pleasant and soft additional lighting.
  • The unchanging attribute of the two-level apartment is a staircase making space more refined and enhancing the atmosphere of life in a private house.

Why two-level apartment at CHICAGO Central House is worth to be purchased?

The two-level apartment, occupying the last two floors of the complex, may be compared with a private house. Everything here looks magnificent, comfortable and very spacious. Two levels and open layout of the dwelling enable you to arrange an apartment, taking into account all your needs.

The two-level apartments at the CHICAGO Central House offer magnificent views: the 24th floor offers a spectacular panorama of the centre of Kyiv. In addition, this is a profitable investment in real estate – the cost of the two-level dwelling will always remain high.

This property will be perfect for those who are interested in acquiring high-profile dwelling and seeks to step it up a notch. If this is you, the CHICAGO Central House is waiting for you. Do not miss the chance to become the owner of an apartment "under the sky" in the centre of Kyiv today. Visit the Sales Department at: 44 Antonovycha Str. and get more information about all terms of purchasing a long-awaited dwelling.

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