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Two-Room Apartments in
CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate

Today two-room apartments are no less popular than one-room apartments. It's all about the floor space and layout of such dwelling, which is the best option for a couple or a family with children.

floor living space total spaceь
3-22 47.83 96.6
3-14 38.49 85.95
3-22 42.35 80.71
3-16 39.57 86.28
3-14 33.73 109.86
9 34.47 111.07
10-14 34.5 68.71
15 50.06 105.42
16-20 43.93 92.75
17 34.73 80.16
18-22 34.73 67.3
3-8 32.79 65.8

Advantages of Two-Room Apartments in CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate

The CHICAGO Central House Residential Complex offers to purchase the two-room apartment in Kiev. It has undeniable advantages over one-room real estate.

  • First of all, this is a multipurpose dwelling. It will suit both a single person and a couple with more than one child.
  • There is always a buyer for a two-room apartment and profit from its sale can be pretty good.
  • The two-room apartments of the residential estate have open plan layout, which will enable you to create a dwelling of your dream. You can also choose the layout out of the options offered by us.

Why is Two-Room Apartment in CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate worth Buying

The floor space of the two-room apartments in the CHICAGO Central House Residential Complex starts with 63 square metres. Space perception is enhanced by panoramic windows improving lighting.

The two-room apartment will perfectly suit for newlyweds and small families. Such a dwelling will become a paradise for a quiet and happy life. In addition, the residential complex is equipped with excellent sound insulation owing to the use of high-quality materials.

If you are looking for the best dwelling in Kiev, feel free to choose the CHICAGO Central House Residential Estate. The apartment here will become your fortress, a creative space, a place for relaxation, pleasant meetings and a happy family life. Call us right now and sign up for a guided tour at any convenient time for you.


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